Preston Consulting are able to manage master planning exercises including the coordination of engineering, stakeholder consultation, constraints identification and analyses to meet client objectives. Master Plans and Structure Plans can be completed using tools such as GIS assessments, cost-benefit, multi-criteria, options analysis, prioritisation, stakeholder consultation and assessment, scheduling and budgeting. We are able to prepare or contribute to environmental due diligence, approvals and land access assessments as well as scoping, prefeasibility and feasibility investigations and documentation.

We can lead or contribute to planning exercises for linear infrastructure route selection and optimisation for rail, road, pipe and power lines. We can complete investigations for clients into obligations and options for project developments and project closures. Our people have the ability to manage and contribute to strategic studies, structure plans, planning and development applications, farm and catchment plans.

We can prepare project implementation plans, ensuring that linkages between activities, critical timing and issues are identified and stakeholders are considered in project planning. To ensure the project is kept on track, we provide detailed schedules and budgets.

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