Native Title and Heritage Management

Preston Consulting’s ability to deliver projects on time and within budget starts at the planning stage and ensures the careful project execution through responsible and inclusive management.  Our staff have been involved in projects of State and National significance and our ability to bring clarity and understanding will greatly assist in your planning and implementation.

Our Services include:

  • Strategic advice on complying with the requirements of native title and cultural heritage legislation
  • Advice in the early stages of project development on integrating those requirements into project delivery
  • Practical assistance in negotiating native title and cultural heritage agreements, such as:
    • Right to Negotiate Agreements
    • Indigenous Land Use Agreements
    • Registration of relevant Agreements
    • Expedited Process Agreements
    • Cultural Heritage Management Plans
    • Implementation, compliance and reporting
    • Consultation and regulatory liaison
  • Assisting and advising Traditional Owners on environmental management including:
    • Provision of advice on tenure applications and activities, environmental impacts, assessments and approvals
    • Assistance in the development of Indigenous capability and enterprises
    • Support and advice in Native Title negotiations
    • Development of Healthy Country Plans
    • Project management support and training for Ranger Programmes, ethnobotany and cultural heritage management
  • Planning and implementation of cultural heritage surveys including:
    • Survey approach planning and prioritisation
    • Completion of surveys
    • Provision of reports
    • Management of approval processes
    • GIS and management system support

For information about our experience in native title and heritage management please click here.