External Specialists

Preston Consulting have access to a wide range of external specialists who understand a broad range of technical, environmental and social issues.  We recommend that you access the best in their field, particularly where the issue is sensitive.

We maintain a close watch on the performance of:

  • Botanists
  • Zoologists
  • Ecologists
  • Marine Scientists
  • Hydrogeologists

  • Hydrologists
  • Geochemists and Geologists
  • Rehabilitation Specialists
  • Air Quality Scientists

  • Acoustic Scientists
  • Engineers
  • Anthropologists
  • Social Scientists and Communication Experts

We have historically worked with many technical specialists and only use those who are well respected experts in their fields.  We can bring together a team of experts and manage them to ensure deliverables on time and within budget.  We can provide sub-contractor management (large and small) and assist you in interpreting and using the technical advice they provide on specific areas of your business.