Welcome to Preston Consulting

Established in 2009, Preston Consulting has grown to become a leading provider of approval and environmental services in Western Australia.  We have been successful in providing independent expert advice and management to both industry and Government. We have built a professional team of environmental, planning, legal and commercial consultants, who guide our clients throughout the planning, development, operation and closure phases of a project.

Our technical consultants and project managers are experienced and skilled in obtaining Government approvals, planning and completing baseline environmental, Native Title, heritage and planning work across a range of industries including mining, infrastructure, land development, agriculture and marine. We will help you to identify and manage risk, assess options, prepare and implement management systems and monitoring plans, consult with key stakeholders, and plan to avoid, minimise or offset project impacts. Our personnel are leaders in their field and capable of integrating into project teams, or leading teams to add value to your project.https://www.traditionrolex.com/13

We work with you to provide a holistic view and provide operational support, implement management systems and plans, complete reviews, analyse and report results, and design and deliver audits to check on implementation. And when it’s time to leave, we can provide rehabilitation and closure implementation services that include planning, cost assessments, monitoring and reporting and stakeholder engagement to make sure the job is done properly.