Our Team Members

Our team members are our key resource who support us with the technical aspects and implementation of our projects.  CV’s can be provided upon request.

Lydia BrisboutAssociate
Lydia has 15 years of experience in mining, infrastructure, and land access. With a legal and communications background, Lydia has negotiated and implemented native title and land access agreements. She also has experience in project development, including facilitating consultation and social, cultural, and environmental impact assessment.
Emma BaxAssociate
Emma is an Environmental Consultant with more than 10 years experience in environmental planning and approvals, mining management, social impact assessment and consultation. She has prepared a large number of environmental and other approval documentation for a range of projects.
Marilyn QuinteroAssociate
Marilyn is an Environmental Engineer with a background in scientific research and environmental management. She has experience in environmental audits and compliance reports. Marilyn has also been involved in environmental approvals and has experience conducting field work and interpreting water and soil sample data in accordance with National Guidelines.
Chris GreenemAssociate
Chris is an Environmental / Marine Consultant with experience in environmental planning and approvals, project management, impact assessment, rehabilitation, and compliance reporting. He has prepared many environmental and other approval documentation for a range of projects.
Chris StanleyAssociate
Chris is an Environmental Consultant with expertise in Environmental Impact Assessment gained from over 10 years experience as a Senior Assessment Officer on behalf of the Environmental Protection Authority. Prior to this he specialised in water quality and catchment management for the (now) Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.
Gary SimmonsGovernment Approvals and Risk Management
Gary, previously a high level Government officer, is a highly experienced resource tenure specialist with a strong legislative and regulatory background. Gary brings a level of unique expertise that is fundamental to resource companies requirements to have secure right of tenure, and Government approvals, to underpin the ultimate success of their projects.
Doug KoontzAuditing and Environmental Management Systems
Doug is a highly experienced and skillful environmental auditor with a strong background in mining, consultation, approvals and environmental management. He has assisted many clients in improving their environmental systems and performance.
Mike SlightMine Closure
Mike is a mining engineer, former mine manager and mining company executive with experience in the scoping, costing, provisioning and implementation of mine closure and rehabilitation. His experience in strategic advice, preparing cost estimates and advising on closure and rehabilitation is based on accountability for that area in a large international mining company and is invaluable.
Kalon GibsonConsultant
Kalon is a Consultant with a background in marine and freshwater sciences. He has been involved in a variety of environmental approvals for the mining industry and has extensive experience in operational leadership roles managing large teams and complex projects.
Michael PoggioliConsultant
Michael is a Consultant with a double degree in Environmental Science and Agricultural Science from the University of Western Australia. At Preston Consulting, he has been been involved in the preparation of numerous approval documents issued under the Mining Act 1978 and Part IV and Part V of the Environmental Protection Act 1986. Michael has experience in the preparation of Mining Proposals, Mine Closure Plans, Native Vegetation Clearing Permits and Environmental Review Documents.
Phoebe RanfordConsultant
Phoebe is an Environmental Consultant with a background in Zoology and Conservation Biology. Phoebe has experience with environmental approvals, impact assessment, compliance reporting and management of technical studies. Phoebe has also been involved in Indigenous consultation for the development of Social, Cultural, Heritage Management Plans and input into impact assessment. She has been responsible for the preparation of approval documentation for a number of small- and large-scale projects across Western Australia.
Annaliese EastoughConsultant
Annaliese is a Consultant with a double degree in Marine Biology and Environmental Science from Murdoch University. Annaliese completed Honours in Environmental Management and Sustainability, where she investigated visitor perspectives from two urban wetlands in the Perth region.
Madeline TindaleConsultant
Madeline is a Consultant with a degree in Marine Biology from the University of Technology Sydney. Madeline completed Honours in Environmental Science, where she investigated the role of lake macrophytes in controlling cyanobacterial growth. She has experience in field research and environmental conservation projects.
Tyler FalkousConsultant
Tyler is an Environmental Consultant with a degree in Environmental Science from Murdoch University. Tyler has experience in Environmental Impact Assessment, auditing, environmental approvals and management. He has been involved in the provision of numerous approval documents under both State and Commonwealth legislation.
Aimee SmithersConsultant
Aimee is an Environmental Consultant with a double degree in Zoology and Conservation Biology from the University of Western Australia. At Preston Consulting she has been involved with the preparation of environmental approvals, impact assessments, and environmental auditing. Aimee is also experienced in the creation of project figures, statistical analysis, and geographical environment impact assessments for various project types.
Tiane PedersonConsultant
Tiane is an environmental consultant with a degree in Marine and Freshwater Science and Cert IV in Conservation and Land Management. Tiane completed a Masters in Aquaculture at James Cook University, where she investigated the use of native macroalgae for wastewater bioremediation.
Shanice NieukoopConsultant
Shaye is a consultant with a double degree in Conservation and Wildlife Biology and Environmental Management and Sustainability from Murdoch University. She has experience working in metropolitan bushland and reserve management and restoration. At Preston Consulting, she has assisted with the preparation of numerous environmental approvals and provides strategic environmental support.
Siena WestEnvironmental Technician
Siena is currently in the final stages of completing an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science at Curtin University. At Preston Consulting, Siena has supported the preparation of works approvals, proposals, impact assessments and environmental auditing for numerous projects.
Katie McFarlaneOffice Administrator
Katie has an extensive background in managing schedules, coordinating meetings, and maintaining accurate records. At Preston Consulting, she assists with the monthly billing, travel management plans, and organisation of events in addition to general administrative duties