Agriculture is one of Australia’s most significant industries and has long held a respected and important place in providing food and export income to the country.  Agricultural production needs to continue to expand, improve and upgrade to retain its place as one of the world leaders in the agricultural practice with the ability to provide cost-effective food into a competitive global market.

Preston Consulting can help its clients in identifying and assessing opportunities that can help the Australian agriculture sector raise finance for farm expansion, capital upgrades or to cover annual operating costs.  Identifying and assessing opportunities, funding, securing rights and approvals and improving farm management approaches, systems and decision making is critical to keeping Australian agriculture competitive and capitalising on market opportunities.

We maintain a team of highly qualified and experienced analysts/consultants that can:

  • Assess agricultural properties and investment opportunities
  • Link agricultural investors with investment opportunities
  • Assess economic opportunities
  • Assess and improve water supply and reliability
  • Provide project management services
  • Guide you to make farm management structures professional, effective and efficient
  • Assess farm to market supply chains and logistics
  • Plan and deliver approvals to manage the ‘red tape’ for you
  • Make farming operations ‘investment ready’
  • Assess rehabilitation of farmland and assist farmers or mining companies throughout the planning, mining and rehabilitation processes
  • Assess soils, land capability, irrigation and alternative agricultural opportunities

Our technical and research expertise includes soil science, irrigation, horticulture, revegetation, agroforestry, hydrogeology, agricultural economics and management systems.

Capital upgrades and expansions can require approvals from a range of Government departments.  We have a long history of planning and implementing projects, including identifying the required approvals, ensuring the information requirements are met and the approvals obtained.  We have experience in farm water supply, salinity and waterlogging and can assess water supply options, licencing and practical issues cost effectively.

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