Planning Approvals

Preston Consulting is experienced in planning approvals, at Commonwealth, State and local government levels. Experience is invaluable, as the approvals process can be complex and time-consuming, covering a broad range of mining, environmental, engineering, compliance, social, indigenous, community, economic and mineral resource issues.

Our team incorporates a dedicated team of Project Managers that have ‘done it before’, together with technical resources to ensure that the risks are identified and managed to achieve project objectives.

Our planning approvals services include:

  • Comprehensive planning approvals planning, strategy, schedule and budget
  • Assessment and management of tenure, Native Title and other processes to ensure linkages are identified and addressed
  • Stakeholder identification and consultation
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Planning to optimise outcomes, constraint mapping, prioritisation, avoidance and mitigation measures
  • Preparation of all approvals documents and supporting documentation
  • Liaison and negotiations with government and regulatory authorities
  • Land access negotiations with landholders and stakeholders
  • Strategic responses to stakeholder submissions/concerns

We can plan, write and obtain approval for a number of planning approvals, including:

  • Shire Development Applications
  • Port Authority Development Applications
  • Building Licences
  • Precinct Master Plans (e.g. Port Master Plans)

For information about our experience in planning approvals please click here.