Carbon footprints, greenhouse gas, and climate change are words representing the changing face of world business.  Australian businesses need to understand current Government policy, international trends and climate change implications to ensure their business plans and risk management is appropriate.

We can help you understand how climate change will impact on your business and how best to manage and mitigate your exposure.  We are able to provide and manage the required experts to evaluate your carbon footprint, the carbon lifecycle of your product, understand and develop your reporting obligations, take advantage of any risk mitigation strategies and credit opportunities, and assist in the development of a lobbying strategy.  We can also complete energy efficiency assessments and audits.

We believe that the trend toward energy efficiency is only the beginning, and that energy provision will continue to be an area of rapid change in technology, policy and demand.

Our sister company, Preston Energy, can provide specialist support in a number of areas, including energy supply planning, contracts, negotiations, risk management, management documentation and systems support.

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