Environmental Management

Environmental Management Advice

Preston Consulting has extensive experience in environmental management the whole project cycle, including planning, construction, operation and closure.  Our personnel have provided environmental management advice on large-scale projects (such as the Balla Balla Infrastructure Project, Roy Hill Project, Sino Iron Project, Solomon Project and Oakajee Port and Rail Project) and small-scale projects (such as White Lakes Brewing and Mobile Concreting Solutions).  Our personnel have worked as Environmental Managers, Coordinators and Advisors in company offices and on site. In addition, several personnel have also worked within Government, and can provide unique advice that utilises this experience.  This combination of backgrounds enables us to provide an insight into all aspects of environmental management.

Environmental Management Plans (EMPs)

Our personnel have prepared numerous EMPs:

  • Construction EMP for the BBI Group’s Balla Balla Infrastructure Project (Port and Railway)
  • Construction EMP for the Flinders Mines Pilbara Iron Ore Project
  • Marine and coastal EMPs for the Oakajee Port
  • Construction EMPs for FMG’s Northstar Export Facilities
  • Numerous exploration EMPs for Sons of Gwalia, Sheffield Resources and Kalium Lakes
  • Numerous EMPs at CITIC Pacific Mining’s Sino Iron Project, including construction EMPs, Port EMP, Desalination Outfall EMP and Marine Management Plan

Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

Our personnel have been involved in the development, implementation, review and assessment of EMS in companies such as Worsley Alumina, Sons of Gwalia, CITIC Pacific Mining, Iluka Resources, Tronox, API Management, Iron Ore Holdings, Australasian Resources and Barrick Gold. We are familiar with the ISO 14000 Environmental Management Standards, having been instrumental in preparing management systems and systems elements over many years. All of our staff have been trained in RAB-QSA – Auditing Management Systems.