Mine Closure and Costing

Planning for mine closure and rehabilitation is a requirement of any current mining approval.  The process needs to commence when you are planning the mine, as the closure and rehabilitation can requires substantial earthworks and infrastructure removal that is more expensive if not planned for.  Significant liabilities can accrue that may be avoided with suitable planning and management processes.  Making the right decisions can be made simple when the implications are able to be identified and quantified.


Preston Consulting provides mine closure planning and rehabilitation services to enable industry to continue to improve their performance in this area.

We can provide:

  • Early identification of key issues and risks to successful works
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Cost estimation and provisioning
  • Mine closure plans to the required regulatory standards
  • Integration of closure and rehabilitation plans into Life of Mine plans
  • Closure and rehabilitation management systems
  • Rehabilitation advice and supervision of sub-contractors

We can also assess soils, land capability, irrigation and alternative agricultural opportunities for mine rehabilitation.  Mine rehabilitation in the Pilbara is not meeting the general expectations of regulators and can benefit from a review and re-think of approach and constraints.  We are well placed to provide rehabilitation reviews and advice.

In many cases, downturns that result in depressed prices for a period necessitate a temporary halt in mining activity.  During this period, the mine will enter a statutory ‘Care and Maintenance’ phase.  We can prepare and implement Care and Maintenance Plans that enable the site to be efficiently managed during this difficult period.  Such plans require the approval of the Department of Minerals and Petroleum.

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