Our Team Members

Our team members are our key resource who support us with the technical aspects and implementation of our projects.  CV’s can be provided upon request.

Emma BaxEnvironmental Approvals and Management
Emma is an Environmental Consultant with more than 10 years experience in environmental planning and approvals, mining management, social impact assessment and consultation. She has prepared a large number of environmental and other approval documentation for a range of projects.
Kalon GibsonConsultant
Kalon is a consultant with a background in marine and freshwater sciences. He has been involved in a variety of environmental approvals for the mining industry and has extensive experience in operational leadership roles managing large teams and complex projects.
Dr. Gerard GrealishSoil Science
Gerard is an expert in soil survey and assessment with well-developed project management and communication skills. He has experience in overseas projects, having completed extensive soil survey work in a number of countries in Asia and Europe as well as Australia.
Chris GreenemConsultant
Chris is an Environmental / Marine Consultant with experience in natural area rehabilitation and compliance reporting. He has been involved in environmental approvals for the mining industry and has experience conducting fieldwork in remote locations and analysing water and soil samples for a NATA accredited laboratory.
Harry JockelEnvironmental Approvals and Management
Harry is an Environmental Consultant with a background in natural area rehabilitation and restoration. He has been involved in environmental approvals and has experience working in remote locations in WA, giving him a strong practical knowledge of the environment.
Doug KoontzAuditing and Environmental Management Systems
Doug is a highly experienced and skilful environmental auditor with a strong background in mining, consultation, approvals and environmental management. He has assisted many clients in improving their environmental systems and performance.
Blake MarxsenConsultant
Blake is an Environmental Engineer with experience in Techno-economic Analyses, Architecture and Energy and Water Audits. He has been involved in assessing and treating contamination at polluted sites, developing treatment methods for water, wastewater and polluted air, developing uses for recycled materials and reducing the volumes of solid and hazardous waste through conservation and reuse.
Paul McNeilEnvironmental Management
Paul has 20 years experience working for Mining Companies and as a consultant on environmental planning, approvals, reporting and management systems. He has worked at both site and corporate level and brings a wealth of experience.
Marilyn QuinteroEnvironmental Engineering, Approvals and Management
Marilyn is an Environmental Engineer with a background in scientific research and environmental management. She has been involved in environmental approvals and has experience conducting field work and interpreting water and soil sample data in accordance with National Guidelines.
Phoebe RanfordEnvironmental Consultant
Phoebe is consultant with a background in Zoology and Conservation Biology. She has undertaken Population Viability Analyses for risk assessment in wildlife management and condition assessments for Threatened Ecological Communities in south-west Western Australia. She has experience with Native Vegetation Clearing Permits, Mine Closure Plans and Compliance Reporting.
Toby SemlerSenior Environmental Scientist
Toby specialises in environmental impact assessment, approvals, and developing, implementing and auditing environmental management systems. The majority of his work experience is within the resources sector, with considerable additional experience associated with the construction and operation of infrastructure, transport, waste management, and large scale industrial and residential development projects. With approximately 10 years professional experience, Toby strives to deliver his clients high quality, innovative, profitable, sustainable solutions.
Gary SimmonsGovernment Approvals and Risk Management
Gary, previously a high level Government officer, is a highly experienced resource tenure specialist with a strong legislative and regulatory background. Gary brings a level of unique expertise that is fundamental to resource companies requirements to have secure right of tenure, and Government approvals, to underpin the ultimate success of their projects.
Mike SlightMine Closure
Mike is a mining engineer, former mine manager and mining company executive with experience in the scoping, costing, provisioning and implementation of mine closure and rehabilitation. His experience in strategic advice, preparing cost estimates and advising on closure and rehabilitation is based on accountability for that area in a large international mining company and is invaluable.
Renae SrdarevSenior Environmental Consultant
Renae is a senior environmental consultant with almost 20 years’ experience in obtaining and maintaining compliance with regulatory approvals. Renae has obtained approvals and developed approvals pathways for complex projects of state significance. Renae is an Environmental Management & Assessment registered auditor (ISO 14001:2015) who has ensured compliance for projects during construction, commissioning and operational phases.